Rent-By-Bedroom Program

What is a rent-by-bedroom program?

At Fifty Twenty-Five we offer a variety of unique styles of leasing our apartments. One of those style options is leasing by the bed! Are you new to San Diego and have a hard time finding roommates with the same budget, timeline, and work/life balance as you? We get it, living in San Diego on your own can be expensive. This is why so many of our residents choose to rent-by-bedroom!  This program is exactly the flexibility you need for an easy, on the go Californian lifestyle. Each apartment is rented by the bedroom where each resident signs their own lease for a private bedroom and bathroom and is only responsible for their portion of the rent each month. Each resident will receive a monthly bill for only their portion of utilities. 

We even take the complications of figuring out who is going to bring what furniture, and who is going to pay for the couch by offering fully furnished common areas and bedrooms!

Worried about a roommate ruining your credit score? Stop worrying! What your roommate does or doesn't do will only be on them. This style of leasing is so appealing because you are able to live in the place you want, without breaking the bank. Rent-by-bedroom takes all the worry and hassle out of finding someone to split rent with and provides you with a laid back atmosphere to cultivate lasting relationships.